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Äthiopien - Briefmarken 1896

Ethiopia, 1896, six cards (200x136 mm) bearing each eight impressions of postage stamps of Ethiopia Menelik II: 1/4 Guerche green, 1/2 Gu. salmon, 1 Gu. blue, 2 Gu brown, 4 Gu. red-brown and 8 Gu mauve, each impression overprinted with a "SPECIMEN" handstamp, unused without gum as issued and in very fine condition.These specimen cards were designed by the french engraver E. Mouchon (the engraver of the Greek Olympic set of the same year) for a planed issue of new Ethiopien stamps and stationeries, from which the three lower denominations were finally used for the postal stationery cards. A TOTAL OF 48 PROOFS, unrecorded in literature and POSSIBLY UNIQUE, detailed cert. Sergio Sismondo (2012): "A rare set of archival proofs and specimens, in excellent condition"
For a complete scan of all six proofs sheets see Sismondo certificate

(Äthiopien, Briefmarken, Probedrucke, Philatelie, philately)

Briefmarken 1896

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