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Saudi Arabien - Nedschd 1925

Katalog Michel 20

Nejdi administration of Hejaz , newspaper stamp : 1/8 pi with violet overprint " 1925 post of the Sultanate of Nejd " and black "MATBUA" newspaper overprint, used, small thin on reverse otherwise in very fine condition, only 72 of this Saudi Arabian rarity were issued, the majority are in unused condition. Signed "Ela" and "JS" = J. Saatchi. Scott P2, Stanley Gibbons N208 (c.v 1990 = 1750 GBP and unpriced in used condition !) , Yvert 20 (c.v = 2500 eur) , Michel 20 (unpriced used ! ) A GREAT RARITY IN USED CONDITION.

Nedschd 1925

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