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Kolumbien - Colombian state: Cauca 1879

Katalog Yvert 1A

Colombia: Cauca 1879 (Yvert #1A, MICHEL #1), cancelled "Rio Sucio" on cover to Quidbo. This cover comes from the Ferrari collection (sale No 3/1922 lot 263) and was later part of the Burrus collection (T. Champion sale 1.1965 lot 784). Only one other cover (Ex Ferrari, Caspary, and Gene Scott) is known, showing an incomplete franking of 2 stamps where four more are missing. It was sold last time at Köhler auctions in october 1979 as lot 6176 for the equivalent of 19 000 EUR including the auction fees.
According to the Gene Scott handbook about 10 stamps of this major south american rarity are recorded off cover, ON COVER IT BELONGS TO THE RAREST STAMPS OF THE WORLD

Colombian state: Cauca 1879

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