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Kolumbien - Briefmarken 1863

Katalog Michel 21 F

Colombia 1863: 20c. red + 50 c. red (ERROR OF COLOUR) + 20 c. red in a fresh mint vertical strip of three, with large margins all round and of fresh colour and lightly hinged full original gum. The error being Type 1 with the "5" and "0" of "50" joined. Slight horizontal bend on the cheap lower stamp of no importance and not visible or apparent on the front. One of just THREE COMBINATION STRIPS RECORDED (two with type one, one with type two) and with a slightly larger top margin than the famous Neuberger strip. Extremely rare and a gem of Colombian and South American philately.

Scott 26 + 26b, Yvert et Tellier 22a + 21 "erreur de couleur": catalogued at 45.000 EUR (for the single 50c stamp)
The similar strip of type two was offered by Behr in 2014 for 60.000 EUR

Cert. RPS (1969) and Dieter Bortfeldt AIEP (2006), Brian Moorhouse (2012)

Briefmarken 1863

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