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Brasilien - Briefe 1888

Brazil100 reis Don Pedro postal stationery letter card with 100 reis supplementary franking (perforations torn at top otherwise very fine) cancelled by VERY RARE FRENCH SHIP MAIL CDS "UNION-PAYS D´OUTREMER LE HAVRE 19 NOV 88" (Salles 253) send to Passy, Paris, France. On the front manuscript routing "p. Pampa via Lisboa" but obviously the cover was send directly to le Havre. This handstamp for incoming ship mail in Le Havre originating from countries member of the UPU seems to be even rarer than the famous german "AUS BRASILIEN" boxed handstamp. ONE OF VERY FEW EXAMPLES KNOWN ON BRAZIL AND PROBABLY UNIQUE ON THIS POSTAL STATIONERY.

(Brasilien Postgeschichte, Schiffpost, postal history, Bresil histoire postale, poste maritime francaise, cachet d´entrée, Ganzsachen, entier postaux, Ganzsache)

Briefe 1888

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