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Kolumbien - x Cundinamarca 1886

Katalog Yvert 10

CUNDINAMARCA (Colombian State), 1886, provisional issue, 5 CENTAVOS IN MANUSCRIPT (INSTEAD OF 2 REALES) black on green wove paper, signed by the Administrator of Posts, Luis Granados at base, very fine unused just a little trimmed at top. A very rare stamp missing in even the most advanced collections.
Certificate Brian Moorhouse: "A RARE STAMP WITH ONLY 5-6 COPIES RECORDED".
Sc 16 unrecorded variety (5 centavos instead of 2 reales); only recorded in Yvert catalogue as number 10 = 3250 EUR (very underpriced for a stamp much rarer than Yvert 10A)

Kolumbien, Ausgaben der kolumbianischen Departamentos, Michel I (ähnlich aber andere Wertstufe 5 Centavos statt 2 Reales)

(philately, philatelie, seltene Briefmarken, rare stamps)

x Cundinamarca 1886

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