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Kolumbien - Briefe 1868

Colombia 1866, 10 c. grey lilac, stone B, slightly cut into on two sides, otherwise good margins, paying the single inland rate on cover from Bogota to PARIS, FRANCE, tied by light strike of Bogota oval handstamp in blue, also tied in transit by french ´´STE MARTHE´´ octagonal Paquebot datestamp and ´´10´´ decimes handstamp to be paid upon receipt, with several French backstamps dated in July 1868. Top right corner of cover a bit strengthened by a piece of paper. RARE FOREIGN MAIL, PROBABLY UNIQUE WITH THIS COMBINATION OF FRENCH POSTAL MARKINGS CANCELLING THE STAMP. Cert. Bortfeldt. Scott 46; Yv 35. Ex Sanchez Vega.

(Kolumbien Postgeschichte, postal history)

Briefe 1868

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