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Iran - Briefe 1916

Katalog Michel 320 etc

Iran (Persia) Ahmad Shah (Qajar Dynasty): the scarce 4 Krans (pair) and 12 Ch.+ 2 Ch. (all very fine and in perfect condition) tied by "DJOULFA 2.1.16" cds and Tauris label on UPU Parcel Card "Service des Colis Postaux" send insured for 100 Francs to Bucarest, Romania ( "BUCURESTI MESSAGERU 20 SEP 916" arrival on reverse = 8 month ! postal transit due to wartimes)

The scarce 4 Krans value is almost only to be found on Post Receipts or Waybills which are called Bar´nameh, this usage on cover is unpriced in the Persiphila catalogue (# 473 C) which prices the much more common usages on Receipts or Waybills at 500 USD.

According to the Hartmann collection only about five UPU Parcel Cards are recorded from period 1910-1920s.

(Postal history, Persien Postgeschichte, Briefe)

Briefe 1916

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