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Kolumbien - x Boyaca 1899

Katalog Michel 1 U

BOYACA (Colombian state): 1899, 5 c. green, imperforated variety, extremely fine with wide margins all around, tied by purple "Boyaca Departmental" belt cancel on single rate cover to Sotaquira. According to the Dieter Bortfeldt AIEP certificate: ONLY RECORDED COVER OF THIS IMPERFORATED POSTAGE STAMP and one of only 8 covers known from Boyaca philately. Certainly one of the rarest areas of the world to find on cover and a great postal history rarity of Colombia. A most impressive showpiece. Cert. Bortfeldt AIEP, FRPSL (Colomphil).
Michel Katalog: Kolumbien, Briefmarken Ausgaben der Departamentos Nr. 1 U, Yvert 1, Scott 1b, catalogo Leo Temprano estampillas de Colombia Nr. 1b


x Boyaca 1899

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