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Italien: Italienische Staaten (ITALIAN STATES) - Lombardei-Venetien 1850

Lombardy-Venetia, 1850, 30 centesimi brown, type II, very fine with wide margins all around, cancelled by full strike of the rare field post office circular datestamp "I.R.Posta Milit. in I n.2 - 19/9". This FPO postmark was used during the austrian occupation of Bologna (Romagna / Pontifical States). Priced in Sassone with 13 points = 2750 EUR. Signed Emilio Diena and certificate Enzo Diena

(Lombardo-Veneto, posta militare, Stato Pontificio / Lombardei Venetien Feldpost im Kirchenstadt

Lombardei-Venetien 1850
EUR 400

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