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Philatelistische Literatur - Süd- und Mittelamerika: Venezuela 2012

"Venezuela Escuelas 1871-1878 VIII Printing (1877) by Dr. Knut Heister. Bad Münstereifel (Germany) May 2012 English Version" Hardbound book of 270 pages in colour, only 25 printed in english and 25 in spanish. This major work for venezuelan philately studies in details the transfer types, the plating, the largest known multiples, the earliest recorded dates, the unused rarities and includes an illustrated census of the rarest stamp of Venezuela, the famous 15 Reales with Inverted Frame of which only 25 are known. ISBN: 978-980-12-5711-0

The author: "The main purpose of this work is to present illustrations for the various transfers to allow readers to determine the transfer type for a given stamp they might have.
This is the second volume of a projected series of 10 devoted to the 9 Printings of the first "ESCUELAS" of Venezuela, including a volume on cancellations and varieties. The volume on Printing V has already appeared...I recommence the work with Printing VIII that has the stamp that is the most valuable, rare and interesting of all Venezuelan philately, namely the 15 Reales with Inverted Frame"

Süd- und Mittelamerika: Venezuela 2012

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