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Brasilien - Briefmarken 1843

Katalog Scott 2

Brazil, 1843, 60 Reis Bull Eyes, SUPERB pair with wide margins, cancelled by a single central strike of the "CORREIO GERAL DA CORTE 4.11.1843" circular datestamp. Very rare with such a beautifull cancellation. Priced at 1.700 USD in the RHM-catalogue (for a normal pair). Certificate Philatelic Foundation 1998. Scott 2

From the famous Dr. J.A. Almeida Dias collection, sold at Harmer Rooke auctions, London march 7 th 1963 lot 175 with the following description:

"Second Large Plate state A. / A most interesting pair (nos 41-42) of the later impression on yellowish paper, the left-hand stamp of the pair (No.41) has been considered by Napier as right marginal (No. 42) position N0.42; was subsequently corrected by Napier himself (see "London Philatelist", January 1937), large margins all round with clear cancel in centre, a valuable and in view of the aforementioned remarks, historical pair" estimated at 60 GBP (= 904 GBP in 2007 money)

(Bresil: oeils de boeuf; Brasilien Ochsenaugen)

Briefmarken 1843

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