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Kolumbien - Briefmarken 1861

Katalog Scott 13/18

Colombia, United States of New Grenada, 1861, 2 1/2 c. to 1 p., a splendid assembly of 12 Sperati forgeries, showing the various type and cancellations he used, highly interesting for study purposes. Very fine and rare. Scott 13-18

Wikipedia: Jean de Sperati (1884-1957) was among the most noted postage stamp forgers of the world. Even professional stamp authenticators of his time attested to the genuineness of his stamps. A printer and engraver by profession, he was able to mimic the detailed motifs, the pressure and the paper with such accuracy that he earned the title "the Rubens of Philately".

The stamp forgeries of Jean de Sperati are some of the best of the world. Many of them slumber undetected in various collections. Jean de Sperati falsified only the most valuable rarities of the stamp world. He did this with an inimitable precision scarcely obtained by any other counterfeiter. A Sperati-forgery is today in no way worthless. They are highly regarded and obtain high prices as special collectables. Other stamps forgeries, on the other hand, are worthless. Jean de Sperati paid great attention to the plotting of the postmark when falsifying the stamps. Therefore available postmarks are limited to those of larger cities. Sperati´s forgeries are currently very valuable in the philatelic market. It is believed that he might have produced over 5,000 forgeries

Kolumbien Sperati Fälschungen; Colombie faux de Sperati

Briefmarken 1861

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