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Uruguay - Briefe 1857

Katalog Yvert 1Aa

Uruguay, 1857 issue, 60 centavos deep blue, SECOND TYPE DILIGENCIA, with wide margins on two sides, on clean entire letter (14 January 1859) from Montevideo to Sauce, addressed to Jose Paz Nadal, a famous politician of Tacuarembo whose archive was found according to Fausto Diaz Paulos by Engineer MacColl (owner of the MacColl Museum of Montevideo). A fine cover of this rarity.

Diaz describes in his American Philatelist (june 1979) article the rarity of this stamp on cover in the following terms: "at present, there are only about ten covers in the world with these stamps, and as a rarity they easily can be compared to the "Post Office" stamps of Mauritius". Scott #3 B unpriced on cover, Yvert # 1A = 30 000 EURO on cover.

Michel #4a 1857 60c "Sonne mit 67 Strahlen", die grosse Rarität der Sonnenkopf Ausgabe von Uruguay auf schönen Brief nach Sauce.

Briefe 1857

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