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Brasilien - Briefmarken 1843

Katalog Scott 2a

Brazil, 1843, 60 reis "Bulls Eye", intermediate impression, top margin pair showing outer line of paine at top from 1 st "large" plate, state B, position 5-6, with wide margins all around, fresh and extremely fine. A rare unused multiple of this first issue of South America. Certificate Pascal Scheller.
RHM 2 = 3000 EUR (for pair), Michel 2, Scott 2a

The Bull´s Eye (Portuguese Olho-de-boi) postage stamps were the first stamps issued by Brazil on 1 August 1843, having face values of 30, 60, and 90 réis. Brazil was the second country in the world, after Great Britain, to issue postage stamps valid within the entire country (as opposed to a local issue). Like Great Britain´s first stamps, the design does not include the country name.
The unusual name derives from the ornamental value figures inside the oval settings and the arrangement of the stamps in the sheet permitted se-tenant pairs that looked like a pair of bull´s eyes. The unusual naming of Brazilian stamps continued with the later issues of smaller, but rectangular design, were nicknamed snake´s eyes, and the smaller but similar design to the Bull´s Eyes were called goat´s eyes (blue colour) and cat´s eyes (black colour).
There were 1,148,994 30 Réis stamps printed, 1,502,142 of the 60 Réis value and just 349,182 of the 90 Réis stamp.

Briefmarken 1843

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