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Victoria - Briefe 1856

Katalog Stanley Gibbons (SG) 32a

Victoria, 1854, 6d dull orange Woodblock, very fine with four wide margins, tied by "2" numeral to envelope from GEELONG (JU.9.1856) to Sonnenberg bei Coburg, Germany, in the independant duchy of SACHSEN-MEININGEN. Endorsed "P. Kent", send via Melbourne (19.6), red "PAID" of London (4.9) cancelled by "3" handstamp , "England per Aachen 5.9" and Sonnenberg arrival. 23 Kreuzer + 1 Kreuzer (delivery fee) postage due.
The Herzogtum Sachsen Meiningen was serviced by the Thurn und Taxis post,
this cover is up to date the only recorded from the Australian State of Victoria send to this German State (according to the excellent new book of Ben D.Palmer).


Briefe 1856

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