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Salomoninseln - Briefe 1910

Katalog Stanley Gibbons (SG) 8, 11, 13

BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS, 1908, "Small Canoe" issue 1/2 d, 2 1/2 d and 6d tied by "TULAGI 18 JU 1910" circular datestamp on official mourning envelope (King Edward VII died May 6. 1910 !) send to Brisbane, Queensland (backstamped ju 28.1910). Very fine.
The excellent census of Don Franks published by the PISC shows that it is one of two recorded mourning covers; one of two with this franking (the other is census # 436) and one of only five commercial covers with the 6 pence value. For certain a very scarce commercial franking.
Ex S.G Melbourne 25 March 1977 lot 28 (census # 284)

(The cover looks slightly reduced on the scans but in original it is complete !)

Briefe 1910

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