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Brasilien - Briefe 1845

Katalog Scott 2 a

Brazil, 1843, 60 reis "Bull Eye", intermediate impression, very fine with wide margins, tied by manuscript "LORENA" cancel on extremely fine folded letter (2.4.1845) send to Rio de Janeiro.
Bull´s Eyes on cover CANCELLED IN MANUSCRIPT ARE MAJOR RARITIES, ONLY FOUR ARE RECORDED: one from Arrozal (ex Koester), one from Marajó (ex Koester and Hubbard), and TWO FROM LORENA (the other one from same correspondance is ex Koester).
An ordinary 60 reis cover is priced in the RHM catalogue at 8000 USD.
Scott 2a. Certificates Sergio Sismondo and Pascal Scheller.

(Bresil: oeils de boeuf; Brasilien Ochsenaugen)

Briefe 1845

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