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Dänemark: Dänish-Westindien: DWI - Briefe 1865

Katalog Scott 18

DWI TRANSIT MAIL FROM: CUBA 1864 1/2 Rl Plata F. very fine with wide margins, tied by Parilla and "REMEDIOS 18 JUN 65" c.d.s alongside on envelope (small faults at right) send to Baigorry/Pays Basque/France via "ST THOMAS 13.7.1865" (Danish P.O), "ST THOMAS A/JY 13 65" (British P.O), "LONDON JY 29.65" and redirected multiple times on the search of the right "Baigorry", with 8 decimes postage due on arrival. A very unusual and scarce transatlantic mail cover (see also scan of the reverse)

Briefe 1865

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