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Österreich - Briefmarken 1876

Austria: Private essays (about 1876-1877) for a UNIVERSAL POSTAGE STAMP, originaly printed in small miniature sheets of three values with the inscription "ESSAI DER WELT-POST-BRIEFMARKE/PROJECT & AUSGEFÜHRT VON SIGMUND FRIEDL, WIEN", here two essays in lilac and in blue, showing Hermes with the values of the 10 countries supposed to use it: Netherlands 12 1/2 cent, Spain 25Cs peseta, France 30 cent, Russia 8 kop, Austria 10 Kreuzer, Germany 20 Pfennige, Great Britain 2 1/2 pence, USA 5 cents, Portugal 50 reis, Sweden 24 öre. The issue date of this project for a UPU universal stamp can be dated thanks to the used UPU postage rates: France 30 centimes= 1.1.1876-1.5.1878 (after that 25c), and by the use of the word Pfennige for the german value (1875-1880 after that Pfennig). This very rare essay is described in "Die UPU-Studie" by Hans Paikert in 1979 on page 265. Very fine

Briefmarken 1876

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