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Brasilien - Briefe 1852

BRAZIL GERMAN COLONIST MAIL with oval "COLONIA D.FRANCISCA" (Joinville) negative handstamp in blue, on undated envelope send to Hannover via "HAMBURG 14.3" circle date stamp in blue of the Hannover post office in Hamburg (used 1852-1859) and manuscript "per steamer via Southampton". German colonist mail was send postage free from Brazil, transatlantic to the Brazilian consulate in Hamburg. Only 12 covers are recorded according to Dieter Kerkhoff (Philatelie sept 2004), of this unique type of transatlantic mail send exempt from postage, and only one other cover with the "COLONIA D.FRANCISCA" handstamp of Joinville is known. A great rarity of Brazilian postal history.

Briefe 1852

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