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Philippinen - Briefe 1941

Philippines 26c, 10c, 8c and 24c air mail stamp canceled "MANILA APR 12 1941" on airmail cover to Zurich / Switzerland with scarce "AV2" in red of Singapore (35 recorded by Heifetz but only one of 1941 !) and "PASSED FOR TRANSMISSION SINGAPORE 1" and the same hand stamp but number "102" ,and "PAR AVION SINGAPORE VIA AIR MAIL". Very fine and unusual cover.

OAT cachets were applied [almost] exclusively to airmail items that were to be expedited by air mail by ONWARD AIR TRANSMISSION. They are known during 1938 and 1970 and OAT´s are most usually seen on World War II covers. AV2 cachets were used for essentially the same purpose. These markings owe their origin to the rules and procedures introduced under the UPU Convention and are civil markings even thought many items are known to have been carried on military aircraft.

Briefe 1941

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