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Guatemala - Briefe 1875

"CORREOS DE GUATEMALA PAQUETES 2 FEB 75" red c.d.s on cover send via Panama to the famous bacteriologist and Nobel prize winner Robert Koch in Clausthal / Germany, the cover was originaly franked by a 1873 4 reales stamp that was stolen in the post after receiving the the London "1/5 unpaid" handstamp, the "CLAUSTHAL 18.3.75" c.d.s struck at arrival over stamp space and manuscript "unbeklebt angekommen" applied by postmaster, charged 193 pfennig postage due. A very rare and unusual cover.

Robert Koch (1843–1910) was one of the greatest bacteriologists who ever lived. He was born in Klausthal, in what is now Germany, and educated at Göttingen, where he studied medicine before going into practice. His first achievement was to isolate and identify the anthrax bacillus (1876). In 1882 he isolated and identified the tubercle bacillus (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), and in 1883, while leading an expedition to Egypt and India, he identified the bacterium that causes cholera (Vibrio cholerae). In 1885 Koch was appointed professor of hygiene and bacteriology at the University of Berlin, and in 1891 he became director of the Institute for Infectious Diseases in Berlin. He studied bacterial diseases not only in humans but also in animals, and identified, among others, the cause of rinderpest, the lethal and economically important cattle plague of Africa.
Koch published many papers and books and fostered the development of a whole generation of bacteriologists and medical scientists in other fields, not only in his native Germany but from many other nations as well. Robert Koch was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1905, a fitting capstone to his distinguished career.

Briefe 1875

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