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Grossbritannien: BRITISH COMMONWEALTH / EMPIRE - Turks Islands 1891

Katalog Stanley Gibbons (SG) 18, 11c, 8, 19, 61, 62

Turks Islands, four different 1881 1/2 d provisionals including the rare 1/2d on 1 s dull blue type 6 of setting 4 (SG 11 c =900 GBP in unused and unrecorded in used condition ! this stamp is described in the Brandon cert. as SG 20b =15000 GBP) + 2 later values on very fine "REGISTERED TURKS ISLAND DE.28.91" cover to Munich, ("Muenchen 21 jan 92" arrival). These provisionals are extremely rare on cover, and were missing in all major BWI collections of the past, including from the Ludington collection, only the Snowden gold medal collection (Robson Lowe june 1953) included two 1895 covers with these provisionals. The Stanley Gibbons catalogue value on cover is 66 500 GBP (x 50 !)

Turks Islands 1891

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