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Panama - Briefmarken 1959

Katalog Michel Sanabria 238 F

Panama, 1959, Pope Pius XII "correo aero" airmail miniature sheet with VARIETY 50C STAMP OMMITED. Very fine mint never hinged. This VERY RARE VARIETY (probably less than five known) is priced in the 1962 Sanabria cat. at 600 USD ! Scott 210-2 (variety)
, Michel Flugpost Block 7, Fehldruck (Papst Pius XII, Thematik Religion). Certificate Peter Holcombe and signed Sanabria

The same miniature sheet but with the error 5c stamp omitted (Sanabria catalogue # 238e, and of equal rarity) was offered in the 96th George Alevizos public auction (25.3.1997 lot 759) in MNH with an estimate of 800-1000 USD.

Briefmarken 1959

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