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Japan - Briefe 1871

Katalog Yvert 32

JAPAN INCOMING MAIL : France underpaid folded letter ( 2 flaps missing on reverse) with a 80c franking instead of 1F30 send to the French post office Yokohama via Brindisi with 7 decimes postage due in Japan .Very fine and rare .
France 80c (TB) oblitéré "2145" + cad " LYON LES TERREAUX 30 DEC 71" sur lettre (incomplete au verso) "AFFRANCHISSEMENT / INSUFFISANT" de 80c au lieu de 1F30 á destination de YOKOHAMA / JAPON via Brindisi taxé á 7 decimes et arrivé du bureau francais de Yokohama.Les lettres taxés par ce bureau sont rare .

Briefe 1871

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