Toskana 1859
Certificate: Alberto Diena

Italien: Italienische Staaten (ITALIAN STATES) - Toskana 1859

Katalog Sassone 16

Tuscany, 1859, 9 crazie grey lilac, with the EXTREMELY RARE SECOND WATERMARK "WAVY LINES", unused no gum, margins on two sides only slightly touched otherwise with wide margins and in perfect and very fresh condition. ONLY VERY FEW EXAMPLES OF THIS STAMP EXIST IN UNUSED CONDITION. Signed Emilio Diena and certificate Alberto Diena. Sassone 16 = 75.000 EUR (price with gum), Michel 16, Yvert 16, Scott 16.

(Altitalien, Toskana, seltene Briefmarken, Philatelie, philately, rare postage stamps Italian States)

EUR 5.000

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