Briefe 1901
Large scan of front
Large scan of reverse

Dänemark - Briefe 1901

UNIQUE TRIPLE MIXED FRANKING DENMARK - GERMANY - KIAUTSCHOU: picture postcard "Skodsborg Badehotel" franked by Denmark 10 öre red and German fieldpost label "SOLDATEN-BRIEF EIGENE ANGELEGENHEIT DES EMPFÄNGERS" both cancelled by "KJOBENHAVN 12.6.01" cds send per "FELDPOST" to a German Military in Kiautschou with "BERLIN MARINE POSTBUREAU 13.6.01" transit cds, redirected at arrival in China to Kiel / Germany with EXTREMELY RARE mixed franking between Kiauchau 5 Pfg green yacht and Germany 5 Pfg green Germania "Reichspost" without overprint (Petschili issue) both cancelled by "TSINGTAU KIAUTSCHOU B / 27.7.01" cds which also ties a used China "Coiled Dragon" 5 cent rose to the postcard.

Note: the Petschili issue is extremely rare used in Kiauchau, the large majority of the specialized Kiauchau collections sold in the past 20 years didn´t include a single cover, in combination with this triple mixed franking it is certainly UNIQUE.

verkauft / sold

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