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Brasilien - Briefe 1907

BRAZIL, ROUND THE WORLD POSTCARD of Curacao, that has traveled under envelope or in the hands of a tourist, between 1905 and 1910, in 12 different countries: Curacao (17.7.1905), Ecuador (26.9.05), Peru (26.12.06), Brazil (1907), Chile (3.1.07), Argentina (18.7.07), Uruguay (?), Venezuela (?), Senegal (2.8.07), Portugal (7.8.07), Falkland Islands (22.4.09), Bolivia (19.12.1910) with RARE LAKE SHIPMAIL POSTMARK "VAPOR INCA LAGO TITICACA. Very fine and extremely unusual. (see also scan of reverse)

(Schiffpost, poste fluviale, lac et riviére, fluvial shipmail)

Briefe 1907
EUR 200

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